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Placements are an excellent way to get to know your industry, gain experience and consequently become more knowledgeable and employable. You'll develop skills such as time management, team work and problem solving.

They're also a great way to make contacts for your future career and it's not uncommon for students to be offered permanent employment after their placement.

Many of our undergraduate degrees are sandwich courses, where your third year is spent in industry before returning for a final fourth year of study. This enables students to put theory into practice and brings a new dimension to their academics studies.

The Media School at Bournemouth University is over 30 years old, meaning we have established high profile connections within the industry from our many successful alumni and other contacts. Although a proactive approach is vital when seeking a placement, we can assist you in preparing for and securing a placement relevant to your course requirements.

Students undertake placements in the UK and overseas. Recent significant achievements include a journalism student who interviewed investigative journalist and actor Ross Kemp whilst on placement at Heart radio and a PR student who lead the partner communication programme for Hewlitt Packard.

Other students have done placements at the BBC, Disney, BMW, IBM, the Independent, Cosmopolitan and more.

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