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First year screen writer scoops bronze award

5 August 2010

Live!Ammunition! runner-up Sophie Petzal

A BU first year Scriptwriting student has impressed industry judges with her unique creation, ‘As He Was’.

First year Scriptwriting student Sophie Petzal has come third in the competition that brought us ‘Meet the Parents’, ‘51st State’ and other box office hits.

‘Live!Ammunition!’ is a simple competition organised by an independent film association called ‘Raindance’. Entrants had three minutes to showcase their script idea to a panel of judges.

Sophie describes her winning creation: “On one hand it’s a family, kitchen sink drama, but on the other hand it’s a fantasy with animated characters. It’s about a small boy who retreats into a world of imaginary friends he draws for himself as little cartoons, as a means of dealing with the death of his older brother.”

As well as her original idea, judges were impressed by Sophie’s unique pitching style. She explains: “The general reaction was that I had a 'contagious passion' for the idea and that my pitching style was 'hugely persuasive'. The idea was called 'dark and yet very human' and 'really visual'. I was totally struck dumb by the whole thing! It took ages to calm down.”

Sophie’s idea, entitled ‘As He Was’, was originally part of a university assignment for her BA (Hons) in Scriptwriting for Film and Television. Sophie adds: “The communityI have come to know and love in the Media School is a very active one and I have learned from them never let a single opportunity pass me by. This sort of confidence is something I developed at university, through the course and its members”.

Over 125 people entered ‘Live!Ammunition!’, which was held at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. As a runner up Sophie received membership to ‘Raindance’.

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