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The Computer Animation Academic Group is home to the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), established in 1989.

The Centre focuses upon the interface between art and design and computer science and many graduates now make important contributions to the computer animation industry in many parts of the world.

Students divide their time equally between computing and moving image studies. They become expert computer animators, aesthetically versed software engineers, accomplished computer programmers and have an in depth understanding of computer hardware and the mathematics of computer graphics.

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Graduates are employed internationally by animation production houses, software houses, computer games, VR and multimedia companies. Graduates and researchers have acquired an international reputation manifested in 20 international festival screenings, 27 international television screenings and 6 international animation prizes over the past three years. Many graduates now work for Industrial Light & Magic in California and have worked on films such as Star Wars, King Kong and Pearl Harbour. Commercial commissions have been secured from BBC/Oxford Scientific Films, Reuters, Channel 4, and Granada.

The NCCA is staffed by a team of computer scientists, artists and media professionals plus three professors, who collaborate in the teaching, research and production of computer animation. They have international reputations in the areas of 3D modelling and animation, multi-media and virtual reality. It is equipped with over 120 computer workstations, video recording and editing equipment and has access to an in-house motion capture system.

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Research in the area of computer animation has been rated 5 in the latest RAE. Research interests include the modelling and animation of the human figure, soft-bodied animals, subdivision surfaces and medical visualisation. Other work has been undertaken involving evolutionary algorithms, visual programming techniques in the creation of animation scripts and shading languages, and a study of the incorporation of traditional artistic techniques in the depiction of landscapes and natural phenomena in 3D animation.

Key Staff

Steve Hubbard: Associate Dean of Animation
Professor Peter Comninos: Director of the NCCA

Accreditations include:

Skillset approval of BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation.

Guest Lecturers

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Student Showcase

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